Join us on a Lenten Journey thanks to Anne-Louise DePalo.


“I will establish my covenant with you that never again shall all bodily creatures be destroyed by the waters of the flood.” Genesis 9:11.

Do you ever feel like you are drowning? I often find myself being swept away by what seems like a tidal wave in the sea of life. There are times I feel as if I am gasping for air. Other times, I feel as if I am just treading water. I am not moving forward. In our lives, we encounter crushing waves, being dragged down into the deep, and just treading water.So, what do we do? Where do we turn when we receive crushing or devastating news? Perhaps we realize our marriage or relationship is broken beyond repair. Perhaps we have lost a loved one or lost a job. At times such as these, we are often filled with confusion, fear, and anxiety about the future. In essence, we are drowning. 

How does one stay afloat? 

1. Stop fighting and going against the current. Swim along the side of it. The more you fight, the further under you go, and the further you deplete your energies and resources. 

2. Allow someone to rescue you by giving you a life preserver to grab onto, buoying yourself up so you can get to shore.

3. Have a trained lifeguard, or strong swimmer, swim out to us and carry us to shore. 

Each of these can be applied to our own lives.The Sunday bible passage of Genesis, Chapter 9, recounts the story of Noah, and God promises Noah that He will never again destroy us by a flood. This is a covenant He has made with us. Christ makes a further promise that in times of trouble, seek Him and He will rescue us as He is our Savior.

So, when you are caught in a riptide, ask yourself, “Am I fighting, kicking and screaming, not accepting what is happening?” Are you going against the tide? Are you thinking you going it alone and not surrendering to His love and providence? 

When you need a life preserver are you asking for help? Are you praying for support, courage, discernment? Are you asking God to send people into your life who can help you and then accept their advice and helping hand? For example, are you seeking an attorney, a therapist, a health provider if you are ill, a priest, a financial advisor, a support group or a good friend? If you are you can no longer tread water and stuck are you looking for the lifeguard who is swimming toward you? Are you meeting him half-way. Are you aware of God’s covenant with you? Are you acknowledging Him? Are you participating in His covenant?

So, again, I ask the question, what do you do when you are drowning? Surrender, ask for help, take it, and pray to God. Look for the lifesaver. He is there. You need only to hold on for dear life. Do not let go, and Christ will bring you to shore.