The following day programs are available based on director schedules. They can be tailored to suit your group’s needs or interests.

Church Ministry:

  • Explores the skills, personal and spiritual formation that enable church ministers to offer
  • Christ like service to God’s people Maintaining personal boundaries
  • Understanding the nature and history of ministry
  • Understanding of Church as both an institution, a community, and a mystical body of Christ
  • Sacramental life of the Church.

Doctrines of Faith:

  • The Trinity
  • Creation
  • Redemption
  • Sanctification
  • Incarnation
  • The Paschal Mystery and Pentecost


  • The life of Jesus, Mary, the Saints and people of wisdom and holiness
  • Application of sciences to the spiritual life— human nature, psychology, nature, laws of the universe, etc.

Seasonal Themed:

  • Advent and/or Christmas
  • Lent and/or Easter
  • Devotions to Mary, the Sacred Heart, other Saints and Church Feasts


  • Facilitate enriching our relationship with self, others and God
  • Prayer styles
  • Scripture themes with meditation and discussion
  • Holistic approach to the spiritual life engaging body, mind and spirit
  • Understanding the ritual, history and meaning of Mass and the sacraments
  • Old and New Testament themes


  • Authentic leadership is about service and always begins in relationship. It expresses itself best through and others, others and others.
  • As leaders we need to do more than just manage or direct people.
  • Through a spirit of collaboration, we need to inspire others to become their best selves and work together to accomplish the mission of the organization.


Health does not include only physical wellness. It encompasses our entire existence-- physical, mental, emotional , spiritual and social. To ignore any one aspect of ourselves is to deprive ourselves of abundant health. Learn to reduce stress through harmony, balance and relaxation techniques, such as Tai Chi Chih, yoga positions and other gentle movements.

Self Care:

Experience a variety of self care practices to cultivate openness to enable you unlock your inner wisdom. These disciplines will help maintain the innate unity of body and mind, that grounds you in greater awareness as you move through life in a more integrated way.

Human Resources Management:

Some critical issues such as documentation, personnel handbooks, contracts, discrimination, legalities, communications, managing transitions ,etc., will be presented and discussed.

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