Third Sunday

Join us on a Lenten Journey lead by to Anne-Louise DePalo.


Water, Water Everywhere

John 4:14, “Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst; the water I give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

The three readings today are interestingly enough, about water. In the first reading, Exodus 17:3, the Israelites cry and complain to Moses they were thirsty while exiled in the desert. Saint Paul, in the letter to the Romans 5:5 speaks of the love of God being “poured out” into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel of John, we meet the Samaritan woman who is looking for the “living water” Jesus described so that her thirst will be quenched; and she does not have to keep going back to the well to draw water.” John 5:15.

No doubt about it, we need water. If a person is deprived of water he will die, usually within 3 days. The body becomes dehydrated – sluggish, and eventually, our organs fail. Just as we need water to drink, we need water to cleanse – water purifies and washes away debris, dirt, and bacteria. Water is essential to our survival. Everyone has experienced an unquenchable thirst; after being in the heat, after an extensive workout, or after having a spicy or salty meal.

Our souls also thirst and need water that only Christ can give us. The water that flows into our souls; cleanses us, and brings us to life. The pouring of water over a baby’s forehead at baptism brings him or her into a life with Christ.

What are we thirsting for? Lent is a time to reflect and get in touch with our own thirst and hunger so it brings us closer to the one that will satisfy – Christ. Only He through the Holy Spirit can give us the water to quench our thirst, bring us to wholeness, and heal us. Are we open to the pouring of the water of the Holy Spirit into our souls? We must ask ourselves what are we drinking? Are we drinking what will not satisfy us? Are we so distracted we do not even know how dehydrated our souls are? Do we need to be cleansed with the water of forgiveness and mercy so we can receive this life-giving water freely? Are our souls blocked by sin and attachments so the river of life-giving water cannot flow into our souls, animating our very being with every movement we make?

We must continue to go to the well of grace to remain hydrated and nourished. Christ is waiting there for us to fill our cups with “water.” As we travel in the desert of our lives, and especially during Lent, know that the oasis is very near, and Christ wants us to be ready and able to jump in and drink.