Walking with St. Dominic – 5/14/20


Facilitated by Sister Catherine Morgan, O.P.

 1:30 – 3:00 PM Fee: $20 per person/per session

NOTE:  Discount available if you register and pay by May 7th for three sessions – the cost would be $50.

A Guided Retreat for a person who doesn’t have time to spend a week, or weekend, away from home!

St Dominic was one of the most revolutionary people of his time!  He met and respected each person as a unique individual.  This may sound quite ordinary today, but in the 1200’s this was unheard of!  You will have the opportunity to experience the gift of St. Dominic as we progress through the six weeks of ‘at home’ retreat.  A new topic will be introduced each week.

This retreat takes place over a six week period.  The group comes together once a week for sharing and input for the next week. In between, you set your own schedule!  All that’s needed is an open mind and heart and a desire to get to know Jesus and yourself better.



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