Lord Teach Us to Pray Series: Praying with Traditional Catholic Devotions – 6/11/19


Fee: $25 per person per session

This summer we are delighted to invite you to our “Lord Teach us to Pray” series.
In addition to the two official prayers of the church – the Eucharistic Liturgy and the Liturgy of the Hours – we Catholic Christians, are gifted with other bona fide prayer forms that enrich and deepen our relationship with God and others. Come and experience one or all three of the prayer presentations listed below …

June 11th:  Praying with Traditional Catholic Devotions 7:00-8:30 PM

Facilitated by Sister Mary Coffelt, F.D.C

Prayer is the means by which we encounter God. It is the way by which we deepen our personal relationship with Him. How do I pray? How has my prayer life changed? Do I feel close to God in prayer? If you’ve responded with the prayers I learned as a child or by using my favorite devotions then perhaps you would like to consider reconnecting with those favorite prayers.

Open your hearts to the prayers that enrich your lives and draw you closer to Jesus through their use. There are many forms and expressions of prayer: meditation, contemplation, devotion, worship and scripture study.  Come join us as we explore some of the familiar traditional devotions of our faith and choose to make that prayer come alive in your life and feel the presence of Jesus through this personal prayer.

June 18th:  Praying with Scripture 7:00-8:30 PM

Facilitated by Sister Gerrie Contento, M.P.F.

God’s Word is creative, dynamic and has the power to inform, form, and transform us.
This evening will inform us about scripture, engage us in a formative way with scripture, invite us to share the Word of God, and open ourselves to God’s gift of transformation. Come and enjoy an evening of “Praying with Scripture.”

June 25th: Come Enter the World of Icons 7:00-8:30 PM

Facilitated by Father Nicholas Petropoulakos

In the Christian tradition an icon refers to images with a religious content, meaning and use.  In the life of the church, icons can call us to holiness, can make us aware of our unity with Christ, His angels and saints, and offer us a glimpse of the Kingdom of God.  Join us for an evening of looking through the window of icons.  This evening will awaken our spiritual senses so that we recognize the Divine Energy that permeates and upholds all of creation.



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