New Year – Truer You

Three Part- Three Month Series:
“New Year – Truer You”

Facilitated by Grace Conte
Fee: $35 per person/per session
Pre-paid Advance Bundle- $90 all three sessions
Choose from 2 sessions 3:00-5:00 PM or 6:00-8:00 PM

Monday, January 16th
PART 1 – Creating Positive, Lasting Change
Learn proven strategies to remove obstacles to some of our most ingrained habits and replace
those unserving attitudes and beliefs with positive, sustained tools for lasting change.

Monday, February 20th
PART 2 – Begin the New Year with Gratitude and Blessings
Learn to develop the ability to seek out the good as well as recognize when good is happening
both to and through you. We’ll create an understanding of how to accept the good we receive
through a whole, integrated person response.

Monday, March 20th
PART 3 – Our Indelible Identity: Discovering Ourselves in the Great I Am
Prayerfully experience God’s ever-loving and merciful nature. Bless our personal journeys by
recalling God’s sheer goodness. Our delight will become evident as we grow to know God’s
compassionate nature is built into our very DNA.