Easter Message

From Sister Gerrie Contento, MPF

JESUS CHRIST is RISEN from the Dead !

Our proclaiming Christ Resurrected is our connection with the most profound,
ongoing mystery of our faith. JESUS LIVES ! ! !

To proclaim that truth with our lips is relatively easy.

To proclaim and give witness to that truth with our lives is a struggle and a challenge.
Are we up to the struggle and the challenge to be human witnesses of the
Living Christ ?

Jesus, the Son of God, accepted taking on our humanity. Through His humanity, He
revealed to us the ” Face of God”. He witnessed for us the way to live as graced
human beings. Through the precious gift of our baptism, we are dipped into the very life of Christ. ( The word Baptism comes from the Greek word – “to be dipped into”)

Being plunged into the Living Waters of Baptism, and rising up from its waters connects us with, and indeed makes us one with the Living Christ! We are in fact life long recipients of all the grace we need to live, love, and yes suffer, die, AND be raised up to new life with Jesus !

Yes, the Easter Message – JESUS LIVES – becomes a reality through us !
Yes, the Easter Message – JESUS LIVES – continues now , and for all time, even beyond
time Into eternity for us !

Remaining in the waters of Baptism, the Living Waters of Christ, will lift us up and
strengthen our will to stay with Jesus. The decision is ours.

Do we say “Yes” to the challenge ?
Do we accept the companionship of Jesus !
Do we believe, and find strength in the promise of life to the fullest?

With faith and hope in God’s love, mercy and forgiveness, we can say “Yes”
to all of the above . AND with joy, love and peace, we can proclaim:

Yes, Jesus Christ is Risen from the Dead !
Yes, Jesus Christ lives !
Yes, Jesus Christ has lifted up our humanity and has called us to be His sisters and
brothers, has given us the joy of being daughters and sons of God the Father, and has
formed us into a community of love in the Holy Spirit.

And to this, most powerful, ongoing mystery of our faith, let us proclaim –

Alleluia ! Alleluia. ! Alleluia ! ! !