A Blessing for Christmas

(Joyce Rupp)

Let the Star of Hope blaze through discouragement,
doubt, and disgruntledness.
Let the Star of Kindness radiate through
what you think, feel, and do today.
Let the Star of Remembrance glitter in thoughts
of good people and good deeds.
Let the Star of Laughter sparkle in your eyes
and in your smile.
Let the Star of Joy dance in the corners
of your heart that have forgotten to sing.

Let the Star of Patience permeate
that which you find difficult and irritable.
Let the Star of Love encompass your heart,
a ray of welcome for everyone you meet.

(Originally published in Out of the Ordinary)
Sister Joyce Rupp

Sending all of you our prayers, love and sincere Christmas wishes along with hopes for a happier, healthier 2023.

With God's help we look forward to continue praying with you at St. Joseph Retreat Center.

Sister Josita DiVita, FDC and Daughters of Divine Charity.